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Home Roof Cleaning of Naples, Inc.

Home Roof Cleaning of Naples, Inc.

Welcome to Home Roof Cleaning of Naples, Inc.  Our company is licensed and insured and fully equipped to make your ugly stained roof appear new again!  The effects of the Florida sunshine, combined with those of mildew or mold on shingled or tiled roofs can make your home look old before its time.  Maintain the value and curb appeal of your home by keeping the roof clean until you really do need a new roof.

Home Roof Cleaning has been removing ugly roof stains since 1986. We have found that over the years, homeowners and businesses that have their roofs cleaned get more life out of their roof. Thousands of dollars have been saved by using our process.

Mold is the problem that causes those stains to appear. Once your roof has mold spores planted on it from the humid climate we live in you can see it virtually spread. It begins to show with a few black streaks and then spreads across the roof until eventually the entire roof is coated. Mold damages the roof shingles by pulling up the reflecting stones and cutting roof life.  Home Roof Cleaning of Naples, Inc. can help with challenging mold issues.

Pressure washing has been done on many homes and businesses to remove the stains caused by mold, mildew and algae. The problem is that it only takes off the visible coating spread across the roof while leaving the roots in place. These root spores spread again within a year or two and then the roof needs to be cleaned again. To apply our solution, Home Roof Cleaning of Naples, Inc. uses a cleaning method with pressure less than that of a garden hose. This soaking action results in a cleaning that removes not just the visible stain but also the root source.

Save money on cooling cost by keeping the reflective stones on the shingles. Donít spend money replacing a dirty roof.  Let Home Roof Cleaning of Naples, Inc. save you money!

We provide free estimates, based on the square footage (under roof...including garages, porches, etc.) of your home.  Just give us a call today at 239/348-9800.


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